Best Makeup Mirror for Home and Pro Use 

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If you love trying new looks or you spend a lot of time in front of your mirror trying to perfect contouring or working on your blending technique, then you’ll need the best makeup to avoid heading out the door with a caked-on look. And unfortunately, it happens to all of us. You’ve watched dozens of video tutorials online, practiced blending your makeup using five or six different contour brushes and you notice in the bathroom at work that it looks like you didn’t blend at all. You’re left furiously trying to scrub some of the makeup off using paper towels in the women’s bathroom, again. Why does this keep happening to you? This scenario happens to all of us more often than we’d like to admit and that’s because while we may look great in our bathroom mirror, out in the light of day, our makeup skills are seriously lacking. Before you give up using makeup for good, try reassessing your beauty setup in the bathroom or wherever you apply your makeup. Are you using a standard bathroom mirror? How is the lighting in the bathroom? Many women find that the lighting and mirror setup in their bathroom is very flattering, only to realize that the soft lighting and poor mirror quality was simply masking their lack of blending skills. For a more flawless look, you need a powerful mirror that allows you to see every flaw, every streak, and every concentrated area of blush and bronzer.

Fortunately for you, we’ve created an extensive buying guide for makeup mirrors that will go in-depth in terms of the features you need to look for, the size, and the lighting options. Here you can find the perfect makeup mirror to add to your vanity or bathroom set up so you can make sure you look elegant, flawless and photo-ready.

We’ve reviewed four of the top-selling models on the makeup and found mirror setups with the best lighting, magnification, and style. We’re confident that you’ll find the right mirror for your out of our top four list, so you can leave the house for once with the perfect look.

We also ran into a popular model that’s a top-seller, but the quality is seriously lacking. We found a number of problems with that particular makeup mirror, from poor lighting and low visibility to cheap components that break. While the mirror may seem like a bargain, it’s anything but.

Comparison Chart

ProductMeasurementsLightingDimmerAdjustable or FixedCost
Vanity Girl Hollywood Infinity Mirror

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26"x36"Standard LightbulbsYesFixed$$$$
Hamilton Hills Trifold Vanity Mirror

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Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro

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8 "LEDYesAdjustable$$
Chende Frameless Hollywood Lighted Makeup Mirror
Chende Frameless Hollywood Lighted Makeup Mirror Review
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Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror
Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror Review
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Vanity Girl Hollywood Infinity Mirror:

A beautiful makeup mirror that features a touch of old Hollywood glam, this large makeup mirror includes adjustable natural lighting so you know you’ll look your best every time you leave the house.

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Hamilton Hills Trifold Makeup Vanity Mirror:

This is an elegant makeup mirror with a trifold design that allows you to check your makeup from every angle. However, the mirror’s simplicity can be its downfall if you’re searching for a makeup mirror with built-in lighting.

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Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro:

This tech-savvy makeup mirror will change how you apply your makeup forever. The mirror is smartphone compatible and allows you to choose from a variety of preset lighting conditions or you can create your own. If you’re searching for a makeup mirror with lighting options, one that’s highly portable, and one that includes high magnification, your search stops here.

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Chende Frameless Hollywood Lighted Makeup Mirror:

This vanity makeup mirror can be easily installed and uses fourteen adjustable LED lights that will allow you to achieve an effortlessly flawless look.

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Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror:

This adjustable lighted makeup mirror will bring you nothing but heartache. With lights that flicker or short out and a useless 5x magnification mirror, this model is flat out a bad buy and a mirror you’ll definitely want to pass over.

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1. Vanity Girl Hollywood Infinity Mirror Review-Top Choice

Vanity Girl Hollywood Infinity Mirror ReviewThe Vanity Girl Hollywood infinity mirror allows you to upgrade your vanity with a look that’s all about classic Hollywood glam. This mirror is feature-packed and comes with a total of thirteen salon quality dimmable lightbulbs for natural, professional lighting.

This light comes with a dimmer switch, allowing you to adjust the light based on the time of day. So, if you’re heading out for work early in the morning, turn the lights all the way up to get simulated morning light, or, if you have a coffee date in the afternoon, you can lower the lights and change up your makeup based on a more flattering look in that type of lighting condition.

The mirror measures in at twenty-six inches wide and thirty-six inches tall. You can place it on the base so it can stand on your desk or vanity table, or you can mount it to the wall. The mirror itself weighs in at just under forty pounds.

The mirror is also covered by a lifetime warranty.

Bottom line, this model offers the type of glamorous look every vanity table needs.


The Mirror can be easily installed in just a few minutes. Many buyers reported that the mirror was much bigger than they thought it would be and it provides excellent coverage of the entire upper body. The ability to dim the bulbs is a huge selling point for consumers. Additionally, the well-lit mirror makes it so much easier to blend and contour makeup.


Some women complained that the lights tend to run warm after being left on for about twenty minutes, which can make it uncomfortable to use for longer periods of time.


This makeup mirror offers better than average coverage, the perfect lighting setup and comes with a dimmer switch that allows you to adjust the lights based on the time of day. We felt that this was one of the best options if you’re searching for a fixed model for your vanity, although you may want to switch to LED lighted bulbs to avoid the heat that emanates from the standard natural light bulbs that come with the model.

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2. Hamilton Hills Trifold Vanity Mirror Review-Best Trifold Makeup Mirror

This is an eye-catching three-sided beveled mirror that has got you covered from every angle. The thick two-inch beveled edges surround the mirror’s surface, which measures in at thirty inches by twenty-one inches. The back of the mirror is reinforced with a solid core wood for improved stability.

You can mount the mirror to the wall or place it on top of a vanity table. The mirror comes with pre-drilled holes and simple brackets.

This model is a great choice if you have decent lighting in your bedroom or bathroom and are simply looking for a high-quality mirror for your vanity. Its lack of lighting can be an issue for some, but if you already have a great lighting setup, then this mirror will be the perfect addition to your vanity or makeup table.


This is an elegant three-sided makeup mirror with beautiful beveled edges. It’s heavy, so you can tell it features high-quality construction. Mounting the mirror is easy, however, consumers who decided to place it on top of their vanity table stated that the mirror was very stable and remained securely in place. The mirror’s design allows you to get a closer look at your makeup from every angle so you can ensure you leave the house looking perfect.

The mirror also comes with a one hundred percent money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with this product.


This model doesn’t include any built-in lighting, which is a deal breaker for some consumers.


This Hamilton Hills mirror is simple, elegant, and designed to complement any room. It can be the perfect addition to your vanity setup, however, if you’re looking for a makeup mirror with built-in lighting or magnification, then this mirror isn’t for you.

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3. Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro Review

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro ReviewThe eight-inch Sensor Mirror Pro by Simplehuman features the tru-lux lighting system which is designed to simulate natural sunlight. It’s also smartphone compatible so you can select different lighting conditions based on environment, or capture your own light settings.

This feature means you can enjoy the same settings every time you apply makeup without having to worry about making adjustments each time you switch the mirror on. The mirror will also light up automatically as soon as you place your face up to it.


This mirror is rechargeable and cordless. Just a single charge will have the mirror up and running for a month.

The manufacturer uses the latest in technology to ensure you enjoy only the best lighting conditions. This mirror features six hundred lux with a ninety color rendering index rating. The mirror is capable of more than fifty thousand color variations. Users can use the Simplehuman smartphone app to capture and choose light settings or they can choose from built-in light presets.

The mirror allows you to check your makeup in different lighting conditions, controlling the light setup via your smartphone. Want to know how your makeup looks at night or early in the morning, simply select the correct preset and determine if you want your makeup a little heavier for nightwear or if you need to lighten it up for a more natural look during the day.

The mirror also offers 1x magnification in the main portion of the mirror and 10x magnification for the small magnification detail mirror which attaches to the main mirror and provides users with a close-up look that’s perfect for blemish coverup, eyebrow tweezing, or when checking for concentrated areas of makeup if you’re into contouring.

Unlike other models in this price range, this mirror also features an automatic on and off sensor. This type of motion detection technology automatically switches the mirror on as you bring your face close to the mirror and turns itself off once it detects that no one is in front of the mirror.


We would have liked the mirror more if there was a traditional power on and off switch instead of having to rely on the sensor to turn the mirror on and off.


This tech-savvy, innovative, and highly customizable makeup mirror is the wave of the future. Choose from several lighting presets or create your own. We love the additional high magnification mirror that attaches neatly to the center of the main mirror so you can get an incredibly detailed look at your makeup, and the overall versatility of the mirror allows you to check out how your makeup will look in a variety of lighting conditions. This is a great buy for anyone short on space or if you’re searching for a highly portable, quality makeup mirror for your home vanity, or even travel.

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4. Chende Frameless Hollywood Lighted Makeup Mirror Review

Chende Frameless Hollywood Lighted Makeup Mirror Review

This Chende makeup mirror uses optic grade glass and comes equipped with a total of fourteen built-in LED lights that can be dimmed using the on and off rotary dimmer switch.  There’s also a built-in power socket that’s perfect for plugging in a curling iron, hair dryer, or radio. The mirror measures in at thirty-one and a half inches by twenty-three inches.


Users can dim the light so they can apply their makeup based on the type of lighting conditions outdoors. As an example, if you want to apply your makeup for a night out, dim the light for a gentler glow that’s comparable to a well-lit street in the evening. The LED bulbs used are energy efficient and last up to two years.


Although the mirror weighs just fifty pounds, the manufacturer does not recommend mounting it to a wall.


This mirror by Chende is elegant, well-lit and more designed for vanity table use. The fact that it’s not designed as wall mountable is a downside for some consumers. Overall, the mirror is highly adjustable, well built, and features a sturdy base for ultimate stability. If you’re looking for the perfect mirror for your vanity table, your search is over.

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Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror Review

Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror Review

This Jerdon lighted makeup mirrors feature four adjustable light settings and 1x and 5x magnification. The mirror also comes with a twelve-month limited warranty on all parts.

However, while these features and the lower price may make this mirror seem like a great deal, it’s anything but.

To start, there were several complaints regarding the magnification mirror, which is described as distorted and useless. Most users stated that the built-in LED lights stopped working altogether after three or four months. The issue isn’t with the bulbs themselves, but with interior components that short out the lighting system. Many consumers who had this issue had to send the mirror back for repairs or replacement.


Sure, the mirror is reasonably priced and offers versatility in terms of lighting conditions. But many consumers soon found out that the 5x magnification mirror was impossible to use, and the limited four lighting options were not bright enough to simulate early daytime lighting. Additionally, there were several reports that the lights often flickered or stopped working randomly. With all of the lighting issues and a magnification mirror you can’t even use, it’s safe to say this is one makeup mirror you’ll want to pass by.

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Makeup Mirror Buying Guide

When it comes to the type of lighting you should use to apply your makeup, natural light will always be the best lighting option. When you’re applying your makeup in natural light, it will always look great because the light will show you your makeup’s true colors. You’ll notice subtle blending mistakes, streaks, or areas you missed. A makeup mirror that features natural lighting options can be a must-have for any makeup wearer.

Aside from natural lighting, the makeup mirror itself has a large role in whether or not you’ll end up with a makeup mishap. The right size makeup mirror should allow you to see your face from different angles, so you can check out how your makeup looks and how it all blends with different areas of your face. But the key will be choosing the right size and the right lighting setup.

Size Options

Small: This size is designed with portability in mind. These mirrors are often small enough that they can be used for travel mirror usage, but big enough that you’ll still be able to see your whole face. Handheld and pocket mirrors will also fall into this category. A compact mirror often shows more detail.

Medium: This size can be either portable or fixed. These mirrors are the usual table-top mirrors that can be placed on your vanity table or mounted on the wall. They can also be free-standing, which can be helpful when you want to place your mirror in a better location that has more natural lighting during certain times of the day.

Large: This type of mirror is fixed and can be mounted to your vanity table or on the wall. These mirrors are big enough to provide you with a closer look of your upper body, not just your face.

Countertop Mirrors

If you’re looking for a mirror for home use, but you’re short on space, a medium sized lighted mirror can be mounted on the wall. Wall-mounted models can be adjustable or fixed. An adjustable model will be the best choice since they can be swiveled, tilted, or extended. One drawback of this style is that it’s not portable. You won’t be able to take it from room to room, however, if the mirror offers great illumination then there’s no reason to move it. Countertop mirrors of this size come with a weighted base that ensures that the mirror won’t topple over. These mirrors are available in height that ranges from five to twenty inches. A countertop mirror is portable, allowing you to place it on any type of flat surface.

Luxury Mounted Mirrors

If you have the budget and space, a large lighted mirror will give you the VIP feel as you sit in front of your mirror and enjoy the perfect lighting and a view of yourself from all angles.

Fog Resistance

If you plan on using your mirror in the bathroom then look for a model that features fog resistance. While rare, there are makeup mirrors that come with specially coated glass that will cause the water to bead up instead of allowing the water to deposit as fog. This will ensure that you’re able to clearly see your reflection in the mirror, so you don’t have to wait around for the bathroom to air out before you can apply your makeup and get a clear view of your reflection.


At times, natural lighting can be hard to come by. Even when you have access to a window, timing can be crucial. A spot that provides excellent natural light in the morning won’t be as effective in the afternoon. Of course, at night, you’re going to need some help in the lighting department, which is why a lighted makeup mirror can be the best addition to your beauty setup.

Lighted mirrors are available in a variety of sizes from travel-sized to large fixed mirrors that can be installed on your vanity table.

If the lighting in your room or bathroom is too dim it can cause you to choose shades that are too light or dark for your skin tone. It can also cause you to build up more coverage than you need. A lighted mirror simulates natural light, so you’ll get a realistic look of how your makeup will look outdoors or at the office. The best mirror is one that comes with a dimming option, allowing you to adjust the brightness level so you can simulate the type of bright lighting conditions you’ll be in when you leave the house.

The light sources will be either a standard bulb type or LED lights. LEDs are much brighter and have a longer lifespan compared to a standard bulb. If the mirror you purchase uses LEDs, make sure it comes with a dimming switch since LED lights tend to be too harsh. Standard bulbs will offer a more natural glow but you’ll need multiple light sources in order to achieve this effect.


A mirror with multiple magnifications can help you to catch fine details. A mirror with a normal side will allow you to see an overview, but the mirror’s magnified side will help you to focus on certain areas of your face, such as areas of skin discoloration, blemishes, fine hairs, or wrinkles. It will also help you catch any makeup application blunders like forgetting to contour certain areas or blending issues. A magnified view of your face will also help when you need to do some touch-ups.

Final Thoughts on Makeup Mirrors

Makeup mirrors can come with a variety of features that are designed to help you look your best by providing you with a clear view of all angles while you’re grooming or applying your makeup. Choose a model that will meet your needs. Whether you need a good medium sized mirror that can be taken from room to room, a portable mirror that you can use in the bathroom at work or when you travel, or a large fixed mirror that you can mount above the vanity table in your bedroom. Considering the natural light in most bathrooms is pretty poor, we recommend buying a lighted mirror so you can get a realistic look of what your makeup will look like outdoors in bright sunlight. And again, for many of us, a mirror that offers magnification can be the perfect tool to catch those stray hairs or concentrated areas of makeup, so you’ll finally leave the house looking flawless.

Remember to choose a mirror based on the amount of space you have to work with, your lighting needs, and beauty area setup. If you’re tight on space, choose a wall-mountable mirror or a portable model. If you need to update your vanity table setup, look for a mirror that can be mounted to fixed surfaces.

We hope our reviews of the top four models of the best makeup mirrors on the market and our buying guide has helped you to find the perfect mirror to meet your beauty needs and one that will also fit your style and your budget.