How to Apply Full Makeup for the Perfect Contoured Look

How to Apply Full Makeup

How to apply full makeup can be complicated for beginners, especially considering the many types and brands of makeup to choose from, such as concealer, primer, foundation, and BB cream. It’s hard to know where to start and where to end. Do you apply the concealer before the foundation? And when and where do you apply the primer? Setting spray is simple enough to figure out, but contouring techniques are challenging if you’re not a pro blender.  Many of us wonder if we’re actually putting our makeup on correctly. We know you’re supposed to blend, blend, blend, but even after we’ve focused on blending, once we go outside and check our reflection we notice streaks and uneven foundation.

This simple guide will walk you through an easier, and simpler way to apply full makeup. We’ve also included some fun and interesting makeup tips and hacks that you’ve just got to try, so you can kick your beauty routine up a notch.

Now, let’s get started!

Makeup Application Basics

The first step is making sure you begin with a blank canvas. And by blank we mean clean. Make sure you also apply some moisturizer. Using lotion or a thick moisturizing cream will help to prevent concentrated patches of makeup and streaks. It can also prevent your makeup from looking caked on. Dry skin can also add years to your face.

Once those steps are complete you’ll begin with a primer. Some women like to wear primer alone, while others will apply it before or after foundation. Here, we’ll apply it before. Apply the primer using your fingertips or a thin concealer brush. You can go for all over coverage or problem areas only.

Next, take a thick foundation brush and apply the foundation. Make sure you blend well all over your face and down your neck.

The next step is concealer. Apply it below your eyes in a large triangle. Some women will only apply a streak right beneath the eyes, but by applying it in a triangle, you’ll get more natural looking coverage.

Highlighter comes next. Apply it along the tops of your cheekbones, in between your brows, and on your cupid’s bow.

If you don’t plan on contouring, you can skip this next step. Keep in mind that contouring isn’t for everyone. It offers a more defined, chiseled look that can make you look both thinner and younger, but for some, the look is too heavy for daily wear.

To contour, add a streak of liquid or powder contouring makeup beneath each cheekbone, on your chin, the sides of your forehead, and on the sides of your nose. Blending here is key. We recommend grabbing a couple of contour brushes and really focusing on the blending process using smooth circular motions. For your forehead, you’ll want to blend the makeup up into your hairline. On the sides of your nose, use a thinner contour brush and blend up. You should also blend upwards along the cheekbones. Blending down can bring your whole face down, making you look older.

There are so many choices when it comes to what you want to do with your eye makeup. For a daytime look try more neutral tones. Apply a light brown to your crease, blending well. Add a touch of gold shimmer to the corners of your eye and under your lower lid. For a night out, try a smokey eye using shades of grays or browns.

Eyes, Brows, and Lips

Popular Makeup Hacks

For eyeliner, you can try wings, a thin line, or you can only line the outer corners, which can really open up your eyes, especially if you have heavier lids.

For brow makeup, it’ll highly depend on their shape and thickness. To fill them in and shape them you can choose an eyebrow pencil, a cream, or a powder.

Your lip shape and fullness can factor in when it comes to the shade of lip color you want to use. If you have fuller lips, your options are pretty open. If you have thin lips, steer clear of dark colors. You can choose from lip stains, lipstick, or gloss. Gloss can give you a natural look that makes your lips appear fuller.

If you want to line your lips, choose a lighter shade for thinner lips. Remember, use small strokes to line your lips, beginning at your cupid’s bow and extending out for a more natural, flawless look.

For the finishing touch, you can add a translucent powder or a setting spray. Both will work to prevent your makeup from smearing or wearing off throughout the day or night.

Popular Makeup Hacks

As you can see, a lot of skill and effort is required for a natural look that’s not caked on or streaked. But even seasoned makeup users still struggle with new products or when it comes to perfecting their look. These popular beauty hacks are just what you need to update your makeup routine. They’re easy to do and you’ll be surprised at how each one can make your makeup really pop.

Tip #1: Never use foundation or concealer as a base for your eyelids. While it’s true that it can help to keep your eyeshadow in place, it will also show every fine line on and around your eyelids, instantly aging your eyes.

Tip #2: For sheer foundation coverage use a wet blending sponge or your fingertips. For heavier coverage use a foundation brush.

Tip #3: When you use powder, apply it first to your T-zone, then lightly dust the rest of your face.

Tip #4: When you apply bronzer, apply it to your chest and neck for even coverage. Remember to blend well and always double check how it looks indoors and outdoors.

Tip #5: For blush, don’t just apply it along your cheekbones. Apply a light dusting on the center of your chin and forehead. This will give you a natural sun-kissed look.

Tip #6: Instead of looking straight ahead when you’re applying your eyeliner, get as close to the mirror as possible, tilting your head up, bringing your chin toward the mirror. When you apply the eyeliner look down and begin at the inner corner, working your way out. This will allow you to expertly line your eyes without missing that frustrating spot along the lash line.