Shany Rebel Pro Series Makeup Artists Multifunction Lighted Cosmetics Rolling Case Review

Shany Rebel Pro Series Makeup Artists Multifunction Lighted Cosmetics Rolling Case Review

The Pro Series Shany Rebel makeup artists multifunction rolling case is feature-packed and perfect for home or professional use. It comes equipped with everything the new student or pro makeup artist needs and the fact that it’s highly portable will allow the pro to easily transport it from job to job.

Whether you’re an avid makeup lover and you just have too much makeup scattered around your bathroom or dressing room, or you’re a new makeup artist looking for the right portable cosmetics station that will help you to stay organized between clients, this Shany Rebel multifunction case is everything the makeup lover has been looking for.

It comes with every type of bell and whistle imaginable and it will allow you to store all of your hair and makeup tools and accessories neatly in their own compartment where they’ll be highly accessible.

Pro Cosmetics Case Rundown and Features

This is a thirty-four-inch rolling trolley makeup case that can be parked right next to your vanity table at home, or, if you’re a professional it’s the perfect case to hold all of your makeup supplies and styling tools for your booth at the salon, or if you work on site at major events such as weddings.

The case is equipped with outlets so you can plug in a curling iron, hair dryer, hair straightener and much more. The case also features an excellent LED lighting system that simulates natural light so you can ensure you or your clients always look their best in any type of lighting situation.

The cart’s many compartments and storage options will hold all of your supplies from makeup palettes and brushes to setting spray, hairstyling tools, and blending sponges. Buyers also get a free set of mesh organizer bags.

For home use, you can find a permanent spot to park this makeup studio on wheels, or you can use it as a portable makeup studio if you’re self-employed and work on a freelance basis. In fact, many up and coming makeup artists have raved about how affordable this portable makeup studio is and have been able to rely on it for their new business. Because the makeup trolley can hold more and is very versatile, it’s the perfect piece of equipment to use if you rent a booth in a salon or if you work from home. The possibilities really are endless.

This is a large expandable case that measures in at thirty-nine inches by fourteen inches by seventeen inches.

Shany Rebel Portable Makeup Studio Pros and Cons

Shany Rebel Pro Series Makeup Artists Multifunction Lighted Cosmetics Rolling CasePros: The cart features multiple drawers and trays and several huge compartments so you can easily store and organize pro-grade makeup palettes. Each of the tiers is lockable and the drawers and trays are expandable for easy access.

The top portion of the cause is equipped with a couple of locks. When opened you’ll find a lighted mirror with six adjustable LED lights. The ability to dim or brighten the lights will allow you to apply makeup based on particular lighting conditions or the time of day. As an example, for daytime wear many women and makeup artists, in general, tend to go lighter with their makeup, for a more natural look, while nighttime makeup features more contouring and deeper shades.

On the top tier of the cart you’ll also find a sliding shelf that features a storage compartment complete with dividers that are adjustable. The kit also comes equipped with a fan to keep you or your clients cool and prevents makeup from melting or running in hotter conditions.

The next tier on the kit features the most storage space and also has a couple of locks. There’s a total of four expandable compartments that you can use to store a variety of hairstyling tools, makeup, and supplies. The panels in this section feature elastic bands that will keep your supplies secure and organized. They’ll also make your special makeup brushes more accessible, allowing you to complete a client’s look faster and more efficiently. The panels also have sewn in pouches that can be used for smaller palettes and tools. You’ll find three small drawers in this section that are perfect for lipstick, blush, or smaller eyeshadow palettes.

The bottom section of the cart is pretty large and is designed to hold an airbrush makeup compressor. It also has dual lockable containers that can be used to store your smaller makeup and supplies.

The case is made from a lightweight aluminum exterior that’s durable and works to keep the overall weight of the case down, making it easier to handle and maneuver.

Cons: Some consumers felt that the cart was too short and complained that they had to stoop to search through the compartments. This is something to consider if you’re over five feet, six inches tall and looking for a taller cosmetics cart that’s a better fit for your height. Additionally, there were also complaints that the cart was not easy to maneuver when it was filled to capacity, however, this is a common issue you’ll have with any cosmetics cart. When the cart is a little over halfway full consumers noted that it handled well.

Shany Rebel Conclusion and Rating

The Shany Rebel Pro Series cosmetics rolling case can be a little on the pricey side if you’re looking for a makeup organizer for home use, but for the pros, this cosmetic rolling cart is a steal. You’ll stay highly organized on the road and the lockable tiers work perfectly to keep your makeup and supplies securely in their correct compartments while you travel.

All in all, this is a cart that’s more designed for the pros. Again, some consumers did have issues regarding the height of the cart, so we recommend paying close attention to the cart’s measurements before you buy.

Very versatile and packed with a wide variety of drawers, trays, and compartments, this cart will be the perfect tool to keep you organized whether the cart is intended for home use or for traveling gigs. Consumers who purchased this makeup rolling case gave it a high rating of five out of five stars.


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